Laser Hair Removal At-home – Top Choice in 2024 (June)

IPL and laser are similar technologies that use different light spectra. Laser employs a specific wavelength to target melanin in hair follicles, preventing hair regrowth, while IPL uses a broader spectrum but with less concentration. The home-use machines available today utilize IPL technology.

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There are many different IPL and laser devices available on the market today, and we’ve simplified the process of finding the best one for you. That’s why we’ve handpicked the top models based on customer reviews and assessments from professional experts. Take a look at our IPL test.

IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) technology has truly transformed the world of hair removal, providing a fast and nearly painless solution for long-term hair removal.

With the right device, you can easily tackle unwanted hair growth in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. IPL treatments are effective for most skin and hair types, but it’s important to note that IPL may not be suitable for individuals with darker skin tones.

What features should an IPL hair remover have?

Choosing an IPL hair remover for home use requires careful consideration of some important features. Here is an overview of the factors you should take into account:

  • Functionality: How many intensity levels does it offer? Does it have different light pulse speeds? What types of skin and hair is it suitable for?
  • Quality: Is the IPL hair remover sturdy and made of durable materials?
  • Price: Is the price reasonable considering the features and quality?
  • Safety: Does the manufacturer offer a customer satisfaction guarantee, and how does it work?

These performed the best in our IPL hair removal test:

1. Iviskin G3 IPL Machine
2. Philips Lumea Prestige
3. Braun Slik-expert Pro

1. Iviskin G3 IPL – Our favorite

Iviskin G3 IPL Hårborttagning bäst i test


Light Pulse & Comfort

IVISKIN G3 offers 5 different light pulse levels, allowing you to easily customize your treatment based on your skin type and hair type for optimal results. It also includes an IceShield cooling function, which keeps your skin cool during the treatment, enhancing comfort and reducing the risk of skin irritation. If you experience any irritation during the initial treatments, you can simply lower the light pulse level.

Impressive 15-Year Lifespan

When you’re considering the purchase of an IPL hair remover, it’s crucial to pay attention to the number of light pulses the device can deliver. Many IPL machines come with a limited number of light pulses, requiring you to buy a new device once they are used up. The Iviskin G3 stands out by offering a substantial 900,000 light pulses, equivalent to an impressive 15-year expected lifespan.

User-Friendly and Effective

When selecting an IPL hair remover, it’s important to consider not only the technical specifications but also the user-friendliness of the device. The Iviskin G3 shines in both regards. Weighing in at just 250 grams, it’s easy to handle, and its ergonomic design guarantees a comfortable grip during use. This design facilitates the treatment of different body areas. If you’re in search of a dependable and user-friendly solution for hair removal, the Iviskin G3 stands as a strong choice.

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Iviskin offers a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, allowing you to return the product within 100 days if you’re not satisfied. This guarantee provides peace of mind, ensuring that the product you invest in will meet your expectations. Additionally, the product comes with a 3-year warranty, which means that if any issues arise within these 3 years, you can file a complaint to have the problem resolved.


2. Philips Lumea Prestige – High-Quality IPL

Philips Lumea Prestige IPL


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Design and Quality

Right from the first glance, the Philips Lumea Prestige makes a strong impression with its elegant and ergonomic design. The device feels solid in your hand, a testament to Philips’ extensive experience in crafting reliable electronics. Its wireless capability provides added flexibility, which proves especially valuable when tackling tricky-to-reach areas.

Technological Features

What truly sets the Lumea Prestige apart is its advanced IPL technology. By directing light pulses toward the melanin in hair follicles, users can expect an efficient and almost painless experience. With multiple intensity settings, you can tailor the treatment to different skin types and hair shades, ensuring a customized experience for each user.

User Experience

One of the standout aspects of the Lumea Prestige is its user-friendliness. The included attachments, specially designed for various body areas like legs, underarms, face, and more, ensure precise treatment for each region. Thanks to its wireless design and clear display, every treatment session is straightforward and trouble-free.

Top-notch IPL Device

In summary, the Philips Lumea Prestige is a top-of-the-line IPL device that excels in every department: design, technology, user-friendliness, and results. For those seeking a truly effective hair removal device for home use, the Lumea Prestige is the obvious choice. While it may appear initially pricey, considering the impressive outcomes and the savings from skipping salon treatments, it’s a worthwhile investment. This machine ranks among the best in our testing.


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3. Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 – IPL for home use

Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 IPL


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Combining Elegance with Functionality

The Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 effortlessly blends elegance with practicality. Its slim design and white-gold color scheme give it a luxurious yet compact feel. It’s comfortable to hold, and its solid build suggests a product designed to stand the test of time.

SensoAdapt™ Skin Tone Sensor

What truly sets the Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 apart from other IPL devices on the market is its advanced SensoAdapt™ skin tone sensor. This technology automatically adjusts the light intensity based on your skin tone, ensuring an effective and safe treatment. Moreover, the device offers a ’Glide mode’ for quicker and gentler treatment of larger body areas.

User-Friendly Experience

Using the Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 at home is a breeze. With its multiple speed settings, you can tailor the treatment to your needs. Additionally, it comes with a precision head for tackling those tricky-to-reach spots, making it perfect for both larger areas like legs and smaller ones like the face and upper lip.

One of the Best Choices for Home IPL

Without a doubt, the Braun Silk-Expert Pro 5 stands as one of the best IPL devices for home use on the market. Its advanced technology and user-friendly features make it an outstanding option for those seeking professional hair removal results in the comfort of their homes. While the price might be slightly higher than some competitors, it’s well worth it given the device’s high performance and long-lasting results. That’s why it shines as one of the top choices, even in tests!


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Guide: Using IPL

Using an IPL device can be an excellent way to achieve hair removal and reduce unwanted hair growth, while also attaining smoother skin. However, for the best possible results and a safe experience, it’s important to follow some guidelines. Here, we’ve gathered some of the key points to keep in mind when using IPL at home.

1. Read the manual carefully

Before you begin your IPL treatment, it’s crucial to take the time to thoroughly read the manual that comes with your device. Each model and brand may have its unique features, recommendations, and safety instructions. The manual won’t just explain how the device works but also provide specific details on how long and how often you should use it, as well as what safety precautions to take when using this machine at home for your hair removal.

2. Choose the right skin and hair combination

IPL works best on dark hair against a lighter skin tone. Dark hair contains more melanin, making it easier for the light to target. However, modern IPL devices often come with sensors that adjust the intensity based on your skin tone, making them suitable for a wider range of skin and hair combinations.

3. Test your skin

Before starting a full hair removal treatment, conduct a skin test on a small area. This helps you observe how your skin reacts to the treatment and ensures that you don’t experience any adverse reactions.

4. Avoid sunlight before and after treatment

Your skin may become more sensitive to sunlight after an IPL treatment. Therefore, it’s advisable to steer clear of direct sunlight for a few weeks before and after the treatment, and apply sunscreen if you need to be outdoors.

5. Patience is key:

Remember that IPL doesn’t yield immediate results. It may take several treatments before you notice a significant reduction in hair growth. Stay patient and consistent with your treatments.